Advent Day 23: Peace on Earth

The last week of advent is all about peace. When the angels appeared to the shepherds to tell them of Jesus’ birth, they said “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests” (Luke 2:14). It says that those who have God’s favor will have peace, but who does God’s favor rest upon? Psalm 5:12 says “Surely, Lord, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favor”. So the righteous will have God’s favor. No one is righteous on their own, but we are made clean and righteous by our belief in Jesus and the sacrifice that he made for us. So if we trust in Jesus, then the angels’ words are for us and we can expect God’s favor and peace in our lives!

Some time ago, God spoke to me and said this:

“This is the truth. Listen carefully to my word, for my word is true. Peace be with you and flow through you as you follow what it says. Through you go through trials and heartache, I will bring you out into my perfect peace. Do not neglect to remember what I have done, both in my word and in your life. Continue to listen for my voice and I will lead you. You will rise on wings like eagles, you will walk and not grow weary, my arms will hold you steady and you will rest in my protection.”

How encouraging! Though this was spoken to me, I believe these words are meant for each and every one of us who believes in Christ. God’s peace is accessible to us and will be there for us even when we go through trials. As we end this advent season, let us find rest in God’s perfect peace. And let us remember to celebrate the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus, our Prince of Peace.