Preparing for Easter: Celebration Song!

Easter is an important holiday. I would argue that it is more important than Christmas. Without Easter, there would be no Christianity. Without Jesus rising from the dead to save us from our sins, there would be no eternal life. Easter is a day to celebrate, so today I picked some celebration songs.

I’ve always loved this first song. When I was a part of the Methodist church, the choir would sing this every Easter. I’ve always thought that this will be what heaven sounds like. It just doesn’t feel like Easter to me without it. So if you like the classics, listen to this one (although videos just can’t accurately portray the amazing experience of sitting in front of a full choir):

Disclaimer: I do not support the views of the Mormon church. This was just a really cool version of the Hallelujah chorus.

I absolutely love the next song. It feels like a celebration and always makes me want to get up and dance. I also love how it incorporates the two different languages to praise God. If you want a more modern Easter celebration, here it is:

Have a wonderful Easter celebration!!


Preparing for Easter: Song 4

Tomorrow is Easter, a celebration of the day that Christ rose from the dead. What better song than one about resurrection? This song is a good reminder that Jesus was not the only one resurrected on Easter. We were dead in our sin and have been raised with him to eternal life! In his name, we have VICTORY!


Preparing for Easter: Song 2

Consider what it would have been like to be at the foot of Jesus’ cross. The pain, the heartbreak. To see him beaten, battered, and covered with blood. He never did anything wrong. That should have been you on that cross! But because he did that, you can lay every burden down. Every wrong thing that you’ve ever said or done. Every worry that you’re not good enough. Because of what he’s done, you are good enough.

Jesus has won my heart. Has he won yours?

Preparing for Easter: Song 1

This morning during my quiet time, I felt the urge to sing. And then not only to sing, but to share some of the songs I was thinking about with others. So for the next few days until Easter, I will be sharing some songs that will hopefully help prepare your heart for Easter. Here is the first one:

On Friday, we will commemorate the day that Christ died. Jesus could have called for God to rescue him and had an army of angels at his side. He did not have to die. But if he didn’t die, we would be lost. We would never be good enough to be in God’s presence in heaven. Jesus did not let us down. He came to earth, lived, went through torture, and died for us. And he doesn’t let us down today. He is at the Father’s side, interceding for us. No matter what you are going through in your life today, God is good. And he is NEVER gonna let you down.


Lent Post 5: When We Fail

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If you chose to give something up for Lent, how is that going? If you’re like me, it’s not going 100% according to plan. I gave up going on Facebook for Lent. I said that I would only go on it one time or less per day. For the most part, I did this. I only went on Facebook once most days. There were some days that I did not go on it at all. I thought that I was going to read the bible and spend more time with God in the days that I was not on Facebook, and that is where I started having issues.

When I first gave up Facebook, there were lots of times that I wanted to go on and I just went on the bible app instead. I got a lot more time with God’s word that way. But as Lent went on, I found more things to fill my time. Instead of going on the bible app, I would watch BookTube (YouTube videos about books), google things, or play Cookie Jam. As a side note, Cookie Jam is even more addicting than Facebook! I must have played over 100 levels, thinking I would eventually beat the game. Turns out, it’s unbeatable. As I am writing, there are 7859 levels in Cookie Jam and updates are being released every two weeks. I have wasted hours playing Cookie Jam this Lent. I guess that will have to be the next thing I give up.

So, all in all, I consider my Lenten sacrifice a partial failure. If you failed as well, don’t despair. This post is for you! I’m here to remind you that it’s ok to fail sometimes. Failure is kind of the point of Easter. Our failure is why Jesus had to die and rise again. “For Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God” (1 Peter 3:18). Because he died, our failures are forgiven. We don’t have to get stuck on the things that we do wrong. We don’t have to live separated from God. Each day is a fresh start, and every minute you are given a clean slate.

If you struggled this Lent, I hope it doesn’t leave you upset. Instead, I hope it makes you thankful. Thankful that Jesus died so that your failures don’t count. Thankful that someday, despite your failures, you will rise to heaven with him. I hope that your Easter is a joyful time of thanksgiving that carries over into the rest of your year.

Prayer: “Thank you God that when I fail, you still love me. Thank you Jesus for coming and dying for me so that I can be with you in heaven some day. Thank you that every day is a new day and every minute a fresh start. Please help me to remember this and to live a life overflowing with joy and thanksgiving because of what you have done for me. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.”

Learning to Embrace Mondays

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I once had a boss who told me, on multiple occasions, that I didn’t perform my best on Mondays.  Never mind that this person later admitted in not so many words that that he/she was also not in the best moods on Mondays because of the awareness of all the tasks that needed completed that week.  The point is: Mondays are often regarded as our arch enemies, but can we change that?

Here’s a list of some things that have worked for me or ideas I’ve read about in other posts.  The below list is not comprehensive, as I know this topic has likley been covered by thousands of others, and I have no desire to reinvent the wheel.

(Note: If you don’t work a traditional Monday-Friday job, you can still use these tips for any time you need a little spring in your step.)

  1. Self-awareness: Don’t beat yourself up if you’re feeling tired on a Monday morning. It’s natural to feel tired after squeezing in your to-do list, time with loved ones, and trying to rest over a 2 day period that zips by at the speed of light.
  2. Plan something to look forward to for a Monday: It could even be something simple like a walk during your lunch break, or a quick trip to the local ice-cream shop for a milkshake.
  3. Sunday Prep: Take time on Sunday to prep your outfit and meals for Monday.  Try to go to bed early (or at least on time) on Sunday nights.
  4. Monday motivations: Wake up early, and spend a few minutes reading, listening, or watching something that encourages and motivated you.  It might be the Bible (my first go to), it might be a podcast, it might be “I Love Lucy” reruns.
  5. Listen to music in the shower: Actually I recommend this everyday.  You can buy very inexpensive Bluetooth shower speakers.  I have multiple playlists on Spotify that work for just about any mood, including “Believe and Step Up” for when I need a confidence boost.
  6.  Create a weekly to-do list in order of priority: Do a personal list first before creating one for work – If you have it all written down regarding your personal list, it may give your brain more space to shift to work tasks.
  7.  Treat your body right:  If you’re regularly eating healthy and exercising, your body and brain will be healthier and much more able to take on stress.
  8. Learn to say NO: Learn not to overcommit to activities inside and outside the workplace.  A little more free time will make the weekends not seem like the only time you get to prioritize R&R.

Feel free to comment below with ideas that have worked for you!