Loneliness Unraveled

Loneliness Unraveled: a poem

From 9 months cocooned in solitary confinement; to present day condition of “always trying to hide it”…loneliness seems to chase us…though, In the womb, we weren’t really alone – we were surrounded by sinew, organs, and bone. Forming us, growing us, orchestrating our humanity – preparing us for this life of insanity.

We were protected, and then we entered a world helpless, needing others to clean up our mess.

So now, if you feel guilty, or “less than” or weak – because you want a confidant with which to speak, know it’s a human condition and rightfully so – to love others and to be fully known. When you feel lonely, though unfortunate, reach out to the one with the ultimate safety net. Your Heavenly Father has heard it all and is not taken back – He doesn’t run away and He never attacks.

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