Preparing for Easter: Celebration Song!

Easter is an important holiday. I would argue that it is more important than Christmas. Without Easter, there would be no Christianity. Without Jesus rising from the dead to save us from our sins, there would be no eternal life. Easter is a day to celebrate, so today I picked some celebration songs.

I’ve always loved this first song. When I was a part of the Methodist church, the choir would sing this every Easter. I’ve always thought that this will be what heaven sounds like. It just doesn’t feel like Easter to me without it. So if you like the classics, listen to this one (although videos just can’t accurately portray the amazing experience of sitting in front of a full choir):

Disclaimer: I do not support the views of the Mormon church. This was just a really cool version of the Hallelujah chorus.

I absolutely love the next song. It feels like a celebration and always makes me want to get up and dance. I also love how it incorporates the two different languages to praise God. If you want a more modern Easter celebration, here it is:

Have a wonderful Easter celebration!!

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