Learning to Embrace Mondays

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I once had a boss who told me, on multiple occasions, that I didn’t perform my best on Mondays.  Never mind that this person later admitted in not so many words that that he/she was also not in the best moods on Mondays because of the awareness of all the tasks that needed completed that week.  The point is: Mondays are often regarded as our arch enemies, but can we change that?

Here’s a list of some things that have worked for me or ideas I’ve read about in other posts.  The below list is not comprehensive, as I know this topic has likley been covered by thousands of others, and I have no desire to reinvent the wheel.

(Note: If you don’t work a traditional Monday-Friday job, you can still use these tips for any time you need a little spring in your step.)

  1. Self-awareness: Don’t beat yourself up if you’re feeling tired on a Monday morning. It’s natural to feel tired after squeezing in your to-do list, time with loved ones, and trying to rest over a 2 day period that zips by at the speed of light.
  2. Plan something to look forward to for a Monday: It could even be something simple like a walk during your lunch break, or a quick trip to the local ice-cream shop for a milkshake.
  3. Sunday Prep: Take time on Sunday to prep your outfit and meals for Monday.  Try to go to bed early (or at least on time) on Sunday nights.
  4. Monday motivations: Wake up early, and spend a few minutes reading, listening, or watching something that encourages and motivated you.  It might be the Bible (my first go to), it might be a podcast, it might be “I Love Lucy” reruns.
  5. Listen to music in the shower: Actually I recommend this everyday.  You can buy very inexpensive Bluetooth shower speakers.  I have multiple playlists on Spotify that work for just about any mood, including “Believe and Step Up” for when I need a confidence boost.
  6.  Create a weekly to-do list in order of priority: Do a personal list first before creating one for work – If you have it all written down regarding your personal list, it may give your brain more space to shift to work tasks.
  7.  Treat your body right:  If you’re regularly eating healthy and exercising, your body and brain will be healthier and much more able to take on stress.
  8. Learn to say NO: Learn not to overcommit to activities inside and outside the workplace.  A little more free time will make the weekends not seem like the only time you get to prioritize R&R.

Feel free to comment below with ideas that have worked for you!

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