Advent Day 20: Opposites

I used to teach preschool. One of the many things I worked on teaching the children was opposites. Sometimes a few of them got their opposites and rhyming mixed up.  Me-“What rhymes with big?” Child-“Little!”

What can I say? Learning any language is hard.  Even harder considering that (in Engliah anyway) different words and phrases mean different things based on context. For instance, the phrase “well done” can be a compliment or a level of steak that is cooked all the way through.

Based on the context of you life – background, Ethnicity, financial status – you probably see/hear things in life from a certain viewpoint. You might relate/don’t relate to God based on your how you grew up.

The quick point I want to make here is that God knows we all come from different Backgrounds and experiences in life. But he speaks to us all in ways that we can relate to if we stop to listen.Furthermore, Jesus came down to Earth and lived here-so He can relate to our humanity, our pain, our joy, our sorrow.

When we feel like God doesn’t hear or Know us, it’s really the opposite.


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