Advent Day 1: Hope

Romans 15:18 “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope…” 

Sometimes in this dark world, it can be hard to find hope. You may be struggling financially, just trying to pay the bills. A family member may be sick, or someone you love may have passed away. Disappointment may cloud your thinking and you may find yourself dwelling on negative thoughts, or simply questioning why your life is this way?

In these times, it is hard to press forward, but press forward you must. The best thing that you can do (and the most powerful) is to pray. Tell God about the hurts in your life. Pray about your disappointments. Pray for answers to the whys. Ask for God to renew your mind. Ask him to help you trust Him fully again. Ask Him to give you the peace and hope that is promised to His followers. Take a leap of faith and pray these things, even if you feel like God will not listen or answer.

Then I would encourage you to listen for how He is speaking in your life. It may be a whisper in the silence. It may be a passage in scripture. It may be a word from a friend, or it may be a circumstance in your life.

We have such great hope because Jesus came into the world. We know that our future is secure because He lived and died for us. So don’t get stuck in the circumstances of this world, but bring them to God. Trust in Him for hope and healing.


1 thought on “Advent Day 1: Hope”

  1. We can always find a reason for hope, if we choose to see it. My pastor preached a sermon on this once. There is always hope, no matter the circumstances. Even if it is only in the knowledge that we get to spend eternity in heaven. I loved that sermon. 🙏🏻😊💜


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